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European company is seeking to spread the culture of Arabic language and Attanal Alarabi project which is considered as one of the great Arab projects and which was built in accordance with an integrated corners strategy of all the European countries. It has been adopted and registered in the Kingdom of Norway under the number 913452178 for 2016 . It has been adopted its certificates, programs and researchers from the European Apostille .

Our Message

The Arabic language is the most spoken and talked language within a group of Semitic languages in this world, and one of the most widespread languages in the world. It is spoken by more than 422 million people, so we carry a message to spread the Arabic language and training it for non-native speakers , old and young immigrants, diplomatic bodies and European scholarships of the Middle East through foreign Ministries and training students, researchers and those interested in the Arabic language through our partnerships with European universities and institutes

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Our Mission

Efforts of individual and institutional initiatives to collect in one unity objectively and realistic practical speech, rising up the Arabic Language and re-position its stature and sovereignty in all fields of knowledge. Work for the second article of the Arab constitutions, which states that Arabic is the official language of the state and work the famous saying : God precludes by the Sultan what does not preclude by the Quran "



Attanal For Children

One of the great goals which concerned Attanal Alarabi project in Europe is teaching the Arabic Language for immigrant children who carry a message of their language in Europe. Attanal project will make a smile of the Arabic language among children in Europe through cooperation with the organizations, bodies and schools concerned with building civilizations and preserving cultures.

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Its genes and fingerprints are Arabic, and its sole is humanity. .

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