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Attanal Labayka Test

A test that is intended for expatriates who speak language other than Arabic; which measures the extent of mastering the Arabic language, whether in their countries or in the country of residence and their work.

Register to Test:

- The target institutions and individuals who are required to obtain the International Qualification Certificate in Arabic Language (Altnal) should register for the test through Altnal website. - The website offers information on the Test Centers available near their whereabouts, as well as the test dates and fees. - When registering for the Altnal Test, you can request the educational package that is published in hard and soft copy for Altnal Test.

Steps to Register:

1. The student creates his/her own file, where he/she fills in the form, and sets a username and a password.
2. The student uses his/her username and password to access his/her own file.
3. The student chooses the product that he/she wants to purchase (the Test, or Assistant Book).
4. The student select the country he/she wants to test in, then select the appropriate city, then the select test center. Then student select the suitable day for testing depending on the specified days for test, and then the time on that day.
5. Entering any comments or requirements needed by the applicant.
6. Send the request, and then select the test.
7. Payment via PayPal or by using the coupon.
8. Enter card information, and complete the payment and registration process.


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