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The ABCs of the Arabic Language Profeciency International Certificate

In The Name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful(You cannot attain to righteousness until you spend freely of what you love….)

Its genes and fingerprints are Arabic, and its sole is humanity. Directed to those who speak Arabic language speakers to promote it, and directed to those who don’t speak Arabic to drain the sources of its exclusion and marginalization or replace it with other languages. Set out from the universal educational philosophy, upon which all life components to be built… Learn to work… learn to serve… learn to share… learn to be ... Regarding the Arabic language (the Identity) as our face to the other, which combines religion and worldly affairs, and raise the slogan of cooperation between human beings without exclusion of a race, nation, ideology or belief (knowledge is a mercy among his family). Raising the level of employing the language, with regard to learning, education, circulation, continuity, culture and investment. Facilitating the acquisition of knowledge and interacting with it, as well as establishing and developing functional integration right up to innovation and excellence. Consider the advancement, defending and protecting the Arabic language as a national duty, and as a constitutionally, morally obligation, (individuals, institutions and governments). Looking to make the members of Arabic as lovers and fond of their Arabic language, regarding Arabic language letters, lessons and spoken. Arabic sovereignty, dignity and leadership over spheres of life locally, nationally and internationally. Comprehensiveness, truthfulness, persistence and objectivity of the test Avoidance of contentious, symbolic and equivocalness issues, and those causes sensitivity. Avoidance of words, phrases, sentences, meanings and connotations, terminology and concepts of religious, political, partisan, ideological, geographical and historical character, or giving priority to one gender over the other. Avoidance of subjectivity. Commitment to objectivity, righteousness and honesty. Benefiting from the experiences of other nations; as knowledge is a mercy among people. The vocabulary, phrases, sentences and paragraphs are be bright, purposeful and of the highest values, it will gather and will not disperse. The test includes the basic language structure: sounds, vocabulary, structures, understanding of the audible and readable, spelling and punctuation, and common mistakes in the Arab street. Arabization of the Arab street and creating a global movement for promoting Arabic language and protecting it. .


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